"Breaking Barriers - Building Destinies"

Our Vision

Our Big Scary Vision is to break down barriers to education, improve school retention and provide equal access for all students post school. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to break down barriers in education that lead to school dropouts, lack of access to opportunities, and cycles of poverty for young people. We aim to achieve this by implementing comprehensive programs that provide: Private, Quality Education, Remedial Support, Mentoring, Counseling and Nutrition Programs.


By integrating these elements, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers young people to succeed in their education and break free from the cycles of poverty.

Our Story

Transforming Lives through Simple Acts of Kindness

Early Efforts
Hidden Halos was born in December 2010, sparked by a simple yet impactful gesture. A group of friends handmade and delivered Christmas crackers to Brooklyn Chest Hospital in Milnerton. Surprised by the surplus, we extended our efforts, distributing crackers to over 400 children across the southern suburbs of the Western Cape. Witnessing the profound impact of these actions, we decided to formalize our work. By February 1, 2011, Hidden Halos had established a board of members and became a registered non-profit organization on April 4, 2011.


Expansion During the COVID-19 Pandemic
In 2020, the organization adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by initiating a food safety and hygiene products drive. We successfully donated hygiene packs to over 400 families during this time. The success of this initiative led them us continue this project alongside the original Christmas Cracker initiative, striving to expand our reach each year.


Re-Alignment and Formalization
In 2021, Hidden Halos re-aligned our objectives and registered as a Non-Profit Company, adopting a more structured and sustainable approach to the mission.


Partnership with Nexus Football Academy
The year 2023 marked a significant milestone as Hidden Halos partnered with Nexus Football Academy, integrating holistic development through football. Initially, three boys were included in the education program, which was further enriched with extra lessons and a winter school program focused on literacy and mathematics. By 2024, Hidden Halos had officially become the education and welfare partner to Nexus Football Academy, expanding the program to support 14 boys and offering educational and welfare assistance to all academy players.


Vision for Systemic Change
Throughout our journey, we discovered that a few strategic touchpoints could catalyze systemic change, transforming the lives of those in vulnerable situations. Our program aims to break down barriers to education, improve school retention and provide equal access for all students post schoo l by providing a robust network of opportunities and support.


Hidden Halos has evolved from merely bringing smiles to fostering long-term, systemic change, building brighter futures and destinies for those we serve.